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Honda Forza siap meramaikan Bangka Belitung

Hai Brosis tau tidak sebentar lagi Honda Forza akan meramaikan motor matic premium di Bangka Belitung, berikut Keunggulan / Selling Point :

1. Honda Forza, Pure Prestigious
· A premium sporty look. A touch of luxury in every detail. This combination makes Honda Forza the real inspiration for the premium big scooter category that allows you to experience the true meaning of prestigious riding.

2. The Purest Form of Prestigious (Desain luxurious-sporty sebagai ikon prestisius dari skutik besar)
· The purest form of prestigious design that truly reflects your prestigious personality. Honda Forza identifies its design with a real sense of premium sporty character with a sharper, more dynamic look with modern lines. Further elegantly enhanced with luxurious details for an overall premium feel.

3. Innovation That Leads (Performa kelas atas dan fitur canggih sebagai ikon prestisius dari skutik besar)
· Equipped with top class performance and leading innovations, Honda Forza empowers its prestigious performance with a powerful, responsive yet fuel efficient 250cc engine and offers the latest features from its technology prominently Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) – the first on a Honda Scooter – that will bring you to the next level of riding excitement

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